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Zawyia meeting concludes to “freezing armed formations movement ” in Tripoli

Military leaders and representatives of the parties of the conflict in Tripoli, which was held in the city of Zawyia concluded on Sunday to freeze the movement of “armed formations” and the establishment of a mechanism to monitor and stabilize the cease-fire agreement in Tripoli.

The United Nations Support Mission (UNSMIL), which sponsored the meeting, announced that it had drawn up a plan for the withdrawal of the “armed formations” from sovereign sites and vital installations in Tripoli.

“The situation must be corrected through understanding rather than fighting, bloodshed and the destruction of the capital,” the mission quoted its head, Ghassan Salame saying that time must be left to the military to understand how to resolve the conflict.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya announced last Tuesday, a ceasefire agreement in southern Tripoli, after a meeting of Libyan soldiers and dignitaries in Zawyia city.

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