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Yesterday, Gargash called for a ceasefire in Libya … and his country’s drones are supporting Haftar today in Abu Grain … Is it a premeditated call?

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said that he discussed with the UN envoy in charge of Libya, Stephanie Williams, the need for a ceasefire in Libya.

Gargash added, in a tweet on his Twitter account, that he reiterated the UAE’s support for the Berlin track to find to a political solution , under the leadership of the United Nations, expressing the priority and necessity of strengthening and unifying efforts in dealing with the crisis of the Corona virus in this brotherly Arab country, as he put it.

This brotherly country that Gargash is talking about UAE war planes are bombarding everyday and tear its regions, cities and neighborhoods, and your planes are bombing public and private facilities in which hospitals, health facilities, doctors and their assistants have not been excluded, in addition to targeting its finest youth defending their country, and in the fields of training and they are still safe students in their military colleges.

Gargash forgot, their armored vehicles his country supplied to Haftar, and the people of the country that he still calls his brothers, keep capturing which raises questions, did you want to help this country that you want to delude the world by calling it brotherly.

Gargash apparently did not hear that their aircrafts supported aggressor against his people in Abu Qrain. Does Gargash realize this, or is he absent from what his country is doing in Libya? And if Gargash was not a brother, what more can he send of his hatred that your aircraft descend every day with hundreds of tons of various military equipment, from drones and air defense systems, which they brought even from Israel, which we count as one common enemy of ours, because they occupy the Arab lands , which you and your country gave up as the case with your islands which is still occupied by Persian Iran.

This is what Gargash claimed, as a brotherly country and a brotherly people, they supports this brotherly country with the drones that bomb and kill its sons and destroy their homes, neighborhoods and facilities that they need and resort to, especially Hospitals.

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