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World Health Organization : The idea of ​​herd immunity to confront Corona is unethical.

The Director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Ghebreyesus, warned Tuesday of the dangers of relying on the idea of ​​”herd immunity” to confront the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, saying that this represents a problem at the scientific and moral level.

“Ghebreyesus” added, according to BBC News, that herd immunity occurs; When a large part of society are immune to a disease, through vaccines or through its wide spread, indicating that the long-term effects of the virus, and the strength and duration of any immune response to it are not yet known.

Ghebreyesus stressed that herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from the virus and not exposing them to it, explaining that the World Health Organization has not used herd immunity in its history as a strategy to respond to the outbreak of the disease, let alone a pandemic, as he put it.

“Ghebreyesus” stated that it is estimated that only 10% of people were exposed to the Corona virus in most countries, saying that allowing Corona to spread unchecked means allowing unnecessary infections, suffering and death.

It is worth noting that the number of Coronavirus infections in the world has exceeded 37 million confirmed cases since the outbreak of the virus.

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