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Withdrawal of Russian mercenaries, and Egypt’s search for an alternative and tendency for a political solution … Has Haftar burnt his cards with his backers?

Haftar’s international card began to falter after his recent defeats at the hands of the Libyan army forces during the month of Ramadan, and bet on him from the countries that support him and the countries that turned a blind eye to his aggression seems to have failed.

The positions of his supporters, who hint at abandoning him, followed in succession after his resounding fall at the Alwittia Air Force Base and the loss of vast areas in the south of the capital, Tripoli.

Emirates jumps from Haftar boat

After the fall of Alwittia , Emirati Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash came out, saying, in his Twitter account on May 19, “The Libyan crisis has been going on for nearly 10 years, and the Libyans will not have the opportunity to live in a safe and prosperous country as long as the warring parties aim to achieve Small tactical gains are taking place behind the mirage of temporary victory, so there is no alternative to the political process to bring lasting stability.

Gargash, who has always drafted all of his tweets about the situation in Libya in favor of Haftar, who believes only in a military solution, and praises every progress his militia has made; Therefore, viewers saw that this tweet indicates that the UAE started to abandon Haftar, whose forces were defeated in several axes.

The Russians were defeated and withdrew

And because nobody stays in a sunken boat, the Russian Wagner mercenaries that Haftar brought to kill the Libyans jumped from his boat and withdrew from locations south of Tripoli immediately after the fall of Alwittia air base and the destruction of the air defense systems that provide them with protection in several axes.

The Libyan army forces monitored the fleeing of the Russian mercenaries to Bani Walid as a prelude to evacuating them through its airport, before social media sites shared photos and videos confirming this.

And several newspapers and international sites published that Russia began withdrawing members of Wagner from Haftar ranks, following the defeats that his militia had received in several axes south of Tripoli and the loss of strategic cities.

Hamidati: Haftar refused reconciliation

The commander of the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan, Muhammad Daglo “Hamidati”, said in a meeting on Sunday that he presented a reconciliation initiative in Libya that was accepted by the Al-Wefaq government and rejected by Haftar.

The statements of Hamidati accused of supporting Haftar of the “Janjaweed” mercenaries came in conjunction with the withdrawal of some Sudanese mercenaries from Sirte and the axes south of Tripoli.

Cairo looks for an alternative

And the website “Africa Intelligence” reported that Cairo started searching for an alternative to Haftar after losing its Alwittia air base and hubs south of Tripoli.

In the midst of these statements and positions, several countries reached out to the President of the GNA, Fayez al-Sarraj, most notably the United States of America, which confirmed the legitimacy of the GNA and that the solution in Libya is political, not military.

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