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With tribal militias taking control of the city … violations in Benghazi are on the rise.

The frequency of crimes in Benghazi has increased significantly recently, recording in one week more than one crime of liquidation and kidnapping, the last of which was the kidnapping and rape of a 17-year-old girl by those claiming to be the criminal investigation unit.

Benghazi, where the Hifter affiliated media say that it is witnessing an excellent security situation free of violations and crimes, has fallen under the heels of tribal militias that rape victims, silence mouths, and steal citizens’ property in broad daylight without being held accountable.

A deteriorating security situation

International law professor Sami al-Atrash described the security situation in the eastern region and Benghazi specifically as “very deteriorating” in light of the presence of crimes and violations that occur continuously, explaining that these violations have become a strong threat to peace in Benghazi and have social repercussions on all segments.

Al-Atrash added, in a statement to Arraed, that these crimes and violations come as a result of the deteriorating security situation and their inability to establish security, safety and stability, the continued existence of kidnappings and killings on the identity, depriving citizens of their property and expressing their opinion, which became impossible and incidents of violations of human rights laws.

Al-Atrash revealed that they are in the process of launching a project to employ the legal judicial front in several aspects and at different levels and work with the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice and the International Center for Human Rights to reveal the truth of the claim that Hifter militias are an organized army on the basis of control and discipline.

Chaos of Alkarama Operation

For his part, President of Victims for Human Rights, Nasser Al-Hawari, said that the security situation in Benghazi has become from bad to worse. The repression and the silencing of mouths have increased greatly.

Al-Hawari said, in a statement to Arraed, that the militias of Haftar has developed in its crimes, as it encroaches on the livelihoods of citizens and detains women, especially in the city of Derna. He pointed out that the case of MP Siham Sarqiwa was not investigated, as well as the killing of the Sudanese women.

Silencing of Mouths

Professor of International Law, Musa Al-Quneidi, said that the continuing violations in the city of Benghazi in particular refute the allegations that confirm that the city is living in a stable security situation, especially as it is not limited to a specific type of violations, indicating that everyone who thinks to deviate from the security authorities that control Benghazi will be Exposed to the killing, kidnapping, enforced disappearance and assault on the homes and properties.

Al-Qunaidi added, in a statement to Arraed, that there is a policy in Benghazi to obscure any dissenting voice inside the city and to obscure the facts that speak about operations to silence the mouths by the security authorities who take real and effective control of Benghazi and prevent any voice that is louder than their voice.

Al-Qunaidi indicated that these violations should be condemned by all without exception, given that the culture of impunity has spread since 2011, and it is likely that one of the reasons for these violations is the absence of the Libyan judicial institution to play its role in combating these crimes and holding all those responsible and accountable.

These crimes and violations in Benghazi are always registered against an unknown person, even though the perpetrator is known and the victim is often a simple citizen with nobody supporting him in light of the militia’s control of the city.

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