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With the formation of the executive authority is approaching .. Are we witnessing the return of foreign embassies to Libya?

The pace of events is accelerating in Libya, as the Libyan political scene is witnessing historical paths that could be a step to end the current crisis in the country by forming an executive authority according to what the meetings of the members of the political dialogue proceed.

Tripoli and the western region also witness stability in the security situation after the banishment of the war on the people of Tripoli and its environs, immediately after the end of the aggression we witnessed a number of high-level visits from Arab and European countries, heralding the return of their country’s embassies to work from inside the capital.


The State of Malta announced during a meeting with a Libyan delegation that visited it last year, the reopening of its embassies in the capital, Tripoli, confirming that it had started granting the European Schengen visa to Libyan citizens through the Maltese embassy in the capital, Tripoli.

The two countries also agreed to start operating flights from Libyan airports to Malta airport last October, in a message expressing the security and stability in the capital, Tripoli.

United States of America

In this context, the US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, discussed in November last year with Foreign Minister Mohamed Sayala the possibility of the US embassy returning to work in the capital, Tripoli, by searching for a new headquarters and discussing ways to secure it to facilitate long-term US diplomatic ties with Libya.

Norland linked the embassy’s return to progress in political dialogue, saying: “Whenever security and logistical considerations permit, the embassy will continue to make visits in all parts of Libya.”


The visits of the Egyptian delegation to the capital, Tripoli, had their impact and great importance, heralding the return of relations between the two countries, as the delegation visited during their visits to Libya in December last year, to the headquarters of the Egyptian embassy.

During the visit the Egyptian delegation promised to restore work of the embassy from inside the capital, Tripoli, as soon as possible. It was also agreed that urgent solutions should be found to resume Libyan flights to the Egyptian capital, Cairo.


After that, the moves of a number of countries were made to discuss the possibility of resuming their work from inside the capital, as Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha confirmed in a tweet that the Dutch embassy will soon return to start its work from the capital, Tripoli, after the Dutch ambassador to Libya, Lars Tummers, praised during a meeting with Bashagha the stability of the security situation in Tripoli.

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