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With the continued Russian support for Haftar with weapons and mercenaries, his media continues to sing about the “Turkish invasion”.

Haftar’s media, after his defeat on the walls of the capital in last June, continues to put much hype on the Turkish invasion, with all the stark evidence that proves his involvement in bringing mercenaries, and his access to huge quantities of advanced weapons through his external supporters with multinational mercenaries who have represented most of his forces since he declared the aggression on the western region in April 2019.

Haftar’s channels supported by the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and finally Russia, are still trying to mislead their supporters in many of their programs and news about the Turkish presence and define it as an invasion of Libya.

Libya, which before the fourth of April 2019 lived in in some kind of stability, and all the Libyan parties agreed to go to the Ghadames conference to solve the political crisis there before Haftar launched his treacherous and failed aggression with the help of the Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the support of thousands of mercenaries from Russia, Sudan and Chad, which forced the reconciliation government to sign a legitimate agreement with Turkey after 9 months, in which the Libyan army alone resisted the aggression of Haftar, supported by five countries with their drones and advanced weapons, and special forces from Russia, Egypt and the UAE with advisors and trainers.

Haftar’s media, who misled his supporters with the inevitability of an easy victory in Tripoli, and instead of discussing with them the causes of the defeat and the haphazard death of their sons on the walls of the capital, Tripoli, it was him who deluded them many times that he would enter it in a few days, and hit them with zero consecutive hours all in failure – today continues to delude them that there is a Turkish invasion to Libya, while thousands of Russian and Syrian mercenaries, accompanied by the Sudanese Janjaweed, occupy the oil ports and the cities of Sirte, Al-Aljufra and its base, reaching the Tamanhat base in the south.

The forces of the last mercenaries of the Wagner Russian Company have become clear to everyone, as the media center of the Volcano of Anger operation confirmed in early August that it monitored their movements between Al-Jufra and Sirte aboard 21 vehicles, including 4 troop carriers and two ammunition cars, with the establishment of trenches and earth mounds on the road between Sirte and Al-Jufra.

The activity of the Wagner mercenaries expanded after their support for the aggression against Tripoli alongside Haftar’s militia and the Janjaweed mercenaries , and their number reached 2000 mercenaries, according to a report by the US Department of Defense, and when the Libyan army liberated the entire western region, their withdrawal was monitored through a huge convoy that passed through the city of Bani-Waleed and the whole world saw it heading towards the cities of Sirte And Al-Jufra, and monitoring operations confirmed at the time that they were stationed at the Al-Jufra air base and the two oil ports of Ras Lanuf and Al-Braiqa and took them center for operations , and in Sirte they fortified themselves inside Al-Qardabiya base, and their last move was the occupation of the Al-Sharara, Al-Feel and oil fields in the south, and then the Alsidra oil port in the east of the country.

Press sources confirmed , Saturday, that the Wagner mercenaries have deployed an “S-300” air defense system, 250 meters south of the Ras Lanuf petrochemical plant, which they seized during the past days with Syrian mercenaries and Libyan militants from “Haftar’s forces.”

The sources pointed out that the Wagner had trained Libyans and Syrian mercenaries on several types of weapons in technical workshops attached to the factory.

Wagners occupy the oil ports

Wagner’s expansion moves worried the National Oil Corporation, which announced, on July 29, its presence in the Ras Lanuf Petrochemical Complex, and warned of the danger to workers and industrial facilities.

In a statement, the Oil Corporation affirmed that “Wagner” mercenaries and Syrians occupied the Alsidra oil terminal, and “Wagner” and Sudanese mercenaries of the Alsharara oil field, and confirmed that this is what prevents the flow of Libyan oil.

On the other hand, the National Oil Corporation accused the Emirates of obstructing the resumption of the Libyan oil pumping, which resulted in losses approaching $ 8 billion.

Russia continues to play

“Russia continues to play a harmful role in Libya by providing the Wagner Group with military equipment and supplies,” said AFRICOM Operations Director, Bradford Gering, adding that “photos and evidence continue to reveal the truth of their constant denial.”

For his part, AFRICOM Deputy Director of Intelligence, Gregory Hadfield, said, “The Russians continue to seek a foothold in Libya … and that the type and size of equipment demonstrate the intention to develop sustainable offensive combat capabilities, with the arrival of various combat aircraft, MIG and Sukhoi, to Al-Jufra base. “.

But all these evidence and facts are worth nothing to Haftar’s media, who is trying in vain to “cover the sun with a sieve” and diverting attention from that by claiming morning and evening and promoting “propaganda” repeated to the hearing of his followers about a Turkish invasion of Libya that will return it to dark ages, destroy it and steal its capabilities, While Haftar hands Libya to Russia, the Emirates, Egypt, France and others without noise or disturbance, and he is the one who made Libya a regional conflict project after the political solution was on the doorstep in Ghadames, and the economic situation was on its way to stability with the continued flow of oil.

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