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With Alluring salaries … the UAE has recruited Yemenis to fight with Haftar.

Al-Jazeera quoted Yemeni security sources as saying that the UAE has recruited dozens of Yemenis and trained them in the form of batches to participate in the fighting in Libya alongside Haftar’s militia against the Government of National Accord.

On Sunday, Al-Jazeera added that the recruits were trained at a military base in the city of “Belhadj” and then left for Libya, and some of them received training at the Emirates’ Assab base in Eritrea.

Al-Jazeera explained that the recruits were chosen from several areas in southern Yemen, including the governorate of “Al-Dhali” and the “Yafa’a and Radfan” district, indicating that another group will be launched from the city of Aden to Libya.

According to the security source, Al-Jazeera indicated that these mercenaries were promised by the authorities in Abu Dhabi with alluring salaries, with the knowledge of the Yemeni authorities, including the presidency, which did not show any movement towards what the UAE is doing.

It is worth noting that the leader of the failed aggression against Tripoli, Khalifa Haftar, sought help from mercenaries from Russia, Sudan, Chad and Syria in his aggression against Tripoli, funded by the UAE, according to identical sources.

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