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Williams: Pashagha’s Recent Decisions are a Concrete Step Towards Change

Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Stephanie Williams, on Monday, said that the recent decisions by the Interior Minister Fathi Pashagha to set up a human rights unit, calling security personnel to return to work, replacing unregulated staff, and also appointing leaders of the women’s units and the protection of families and children are steps that carry a strong and concrete message that “Change is coming.”

In a speech to the Security Council at the Palermo Conference, Stephanie said  that attendance to the conference affirms the common and genuine desire to see Libya successfully move towards stability, calling for “further efforts to strengthen logistical support and to find regular forces ready to assume security responsibilities in the capital.”

Williams explained that the success in stabilizing Libya depends on the clear and sustained support of the Libyan authorities and the international community, both.

Williams stressed the need to provide advice and support to strengthen the capacities of state institutions, especially the Ministries of Interior and Defense, to manage the security challenges, encouraging the Member States to support what Libyans want in coordination with the United Nations.

The conference, which was organized by Italy with the United Nations Mission in Libya, was launched on Monday, in the presence of the head of the House of Representatives Aguila Saleh, the President of the Supreme Council of State Khaled al-Meshri, the President of the Presidential Council Faiz Al-Sarraj, and the representatives of France, Russia, and the United States and Germany, while the presence of the commander of Al-Karama forces, Khalifa Hafer, is not confirmed.

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