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Williams: 70 flights to supply Haftar in less than a month.

The Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Libya Stephanie Williams said that 70 flights to support Haftar’s militia have landed at airports in the Eastern Region since the 8th of last July.

“Williams” added in her briefing to the Security Council on Wednesday that the mission is still receiving reports of the presence of mercenaries and foreign agents on a large scale, which increases the complexity of local dynamics and the chances of reaching a settlement in the future, she said.

“Williams” confirmed that on the 26th of last August, Haftar’s militias fired Grad missiles at the Libyan army forces in the vicinity of Sirte and other missiles yesterday night, which constitutes a violation of the ceasefire announced in June by Haftar’s spokesman.

“Williams” indicated that the closure of oil and ports caused a local shortage of fuel and had a negative impact on the economy sectors in the country, including electricity, especially in the capital, Tripoli, as electricity is often cut off for the population for 20 hours a day.

“Williams” explained that the relatively high participation in the municipal council elections proved the determination of the Libyans and their determination to exercise their rights to elect their representative, and this does not mean that the spoilers seek acts of sabotage, as happened in the city of Traghen, where a group of Haftar’s militias attacked and stopped the electoral process.

It is worth noting that a United Nations report revealed that Russia has strengthened its logistical support for “Wagner” mercenaries in Libya with about 338 military cargo flights coming from Syria in the last nine months of this year, according to Reuters.

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