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Will the states supporting Haftar abandon him after his recent defeats in Sabrata and Sorman?

After declaring the liberation of Sabrata and its neighboring cities from the invading militias of Haftar for the western region – the GNA and its ministries have taken a package of measures to ensure the return of these cities to the civil state , and to provide their full entitlements as are the rest of the Libyan cities.

The aspects of life returned to the liberated cities after facilitating all the obstacles that they were facing when Haftar militias took control of them. The whole world witnessed the moments of liberation and security in these cities and the joy of the people in entering the army units and extending the control of the reconciliation government over them.

Support will not stop

The writer and political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer believes that defeating Haftar in some cities and the withdrawal of his forces from them will not push the countries that support him to abandon him. Rather, it is likely that these defeats will be corrected to prevent his downfall by continuing to support him, which will prolong the war.

Al-Kabeer made it clear, in a statement to Arraed, that the news indicates that the UAE and Egypt continue to send shipments of arms and ammunition to Haftar, which confirms that they are still supporting him, indicating that these supporting countries may be considering alternatives or other plans, but they will definitely not change their stance radically.

Supporting countries are divided into two

In the same context, the writer Ali Abuzayd divided the countries that support Haftar into two sections, countries that consider him part of their project in the region whose project can only succeed with him, which are the Arab authoritarian states: the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and these countries will not abandon Haftar easily, and will support him until the last breath, Egypt may prefer dividing Libya and keeping the eastern region under Haftar’s control, rather than resolving the Libyan crisis.

Abuzayd continues, in a statement to Arraed, that the second section includes the countries that might give up Haftar if they are sure of his failure, and whose indicators have started to appear clearly , namely France and Russia, but this shift in their policy needs a clear initiative on the part of the GNA and a level of performance that proves its ability to extend its Control and building state institutions.

Liberation of the western region

The writer and analyst Ibrahim Omar saw that countries like the UAE will not easily back away from the support of the rebel war criminal Hifter because they have a project and a plan that they will not give up until after real defeats to them or after the scandals and atrocities they committed and still appear to be committing against the Libyan people.

Omar asserted, in a statement to Arraed, that the retreat of some countries, such as the Emirates, and its followers Egypt would not happen unless the militia of Haftar exited the entire western region or defeated it with huge defeat, and it will continue to implement its project that aims to control Libya and its capabilities and wealth.

Omar made it clear that if the GNA continued its weak stance and not confront these countries with the facts of its crimes in Libya, and its failure not to support the fighting fronts, the UAE would continue and will not retreat any time soon.

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