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Will the countries supporting Haftar abandon him after the successive victories of the Libyan army.

After the victories achieved by the Libyan army forces in the western region, starting with the liberation of the city of Gharyan within two months of the beginning of the aggression against Tripoli, and the strategic and military importance it represented for the leader of the aggressor militias.

The victories of the Libyan army and the defeats suffered by the militias of Haftar continued, and the significant and remarkable development in the Libyan air force, which proved its ability and efficiency in controlling the airspace in the entire western region, and the aggressor militias incurred losses and defeats in their equipment, machinery and personnel, cut off supplies, food and fuel for them, were Another victory is scored in his favor.

This development and control of the airspace by the Libyan army forces allowed freedom of movement, and, in the middle of last month, the epic of the liberation of a number of cities in the western region and the western coast was achieved in one day, followed by the impressive victory of the Libyan army forces by liberating the base of Alwittia, which was considered a fortified stronghold out of reach.

The international community recognizes the strong

Political analyst Mohamed Ghemim saw that the military victories that the GNA Forces will gain positively affect their acceptance as a de facto partner in some countries, and also will be a catalyst for changing other countries ’attitudes towards their rapprochement with the GNA, because the international community recognizes the strong, and any victories that the GNA will achieve will bring more supporters , it will strengthen its stance and position on the international political scene.

In a statement to the pioneer, Gamim expected a change in international attitudes, which would positively serve the Libyan issue, and in which it would be a clear abandonment of their wager on Haftar, because it only brought them false promises that were strengthened by his loss of sites, areas and cities that he had ruled in a moment of weakness for the government in the last period.

The beginning of the end of the Haftar project

For his part, the writer and political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer said that the consecutive defeats of Haftar will change many international and regional stance in the near future, and that the victories achieved by the Libyan army and the reconciliation government will be the beginning of the end of the project of Haftar.

Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to Arraed, that Haftar, with his usual arrogance and vanity, ignored many messages from the international community until it led to these accelerating defeats, and the Presidential Council must only adhere to its position of rejecting any political settlement with Haftar, and not accepting him as a partner in Libya’s political and military future.

Its positions will not change until after Tarhuna is liberated

For its part, member of the Supreme Council of the State, Fawzia Karwan, said that she does not think that there will be a significant change in the stance of the countries that support Haftar, except after the liberation of the city of Tarhuna, because these countries provided him with support and sums of money.

And in the opinion of Karawan in her statement to Arraed, the positions of France and Russia may change after the liberation of the city of Tarhuna, but the UAE and Saudi Arabia will stay with him until the end of his project, or find an alternative to him, expressing her hope for the uprising of our people in the east to thwart the partition plan that Haftar and his supporters might resort to in order to keep his project alive.

On the presidential Council role, Karawan said that he must complete the liberation of the entire Libyan lands, provide support and capabilities to the Libyan army, start a national reconciliation that includes all the people of the country, create the appropriate climate for a constitutional referendum, hold constitutional elections, and hand over power to an elected body.

Review their options

The writer and political analyst Ahmed Al-Rawayati said that today’s victory was among the methodologies of international changes towards the Libyan file, especially the American and NATO statements that confirmed their support for GNA, and their non-acceptance of this brutal aggression that kills innocent lives and destroys the Libyan economy, and undermines any ways or attempts to reach a Political settlement between the Libyans.

Al-Rawayati , in a statement to Arraed, added that it was these changes that gave the GNA forces the moral push to achieve this great victory, but it is also a victory that will makeHaftar’s supporters review their options regarding this process, especially Egypt or France.

Al-Rawayati explained that it is difficult to predict the UAE reaction, and he said, I think that it will not easily back down from the military option, but what new military exercises it has, we will wait and see, according to his analysis.

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