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Why is Hifter getting closer to the internationally isolated Assad regime?

The leader of the aggresion on Tripoli has not found a similar tyrant like him exept Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, who has been isolated internationally, regionally and popularly, who has been killing his people for nine years, kills thousands of them and displaces millions, committing massacres unprecedented since the Second World War.

Hifter turning against on the legitimacy, needed Bashar al-Assad’s bloody regime, which bombs his people with explosive barrels and rocket-propelled grenades, killing everyone at once and blowing up entire cities and villages, to learn from him the arts of abuse of his people, and asking him for more “shabeeha” mercenaries.

One school

The writer and political analyst Ali Abuzayd did not see the rapprochement between Haftar and Assad as surprising, in addition to being from a school of tyranny, because the Russian support that the two sides receive makes rapprochement between them a pressing necessity, especially since the Assad regime handles the transport of the Wagner fighters as confirmed by many reports via a company called “Cham Wings” Airlines.

Abuzayd added, in a statement to Arraed that Hifter is driven in his rapprochement with Assad within the axis of Arab tyranny led by Egypt and the UAE, which has restored diplomatic relations with the Assad regime.

Abuzayd pointed out that the government of Athani affiliate of Hifter has not found a regime recognizing it apart from the bloody Assad regime.

Dictatorship and criminality

The writer and military analyst Adel Abdel-Kafi believed that dictatorship, criminality, and the adherence to power at all costs, even with war crimes and genocide, is what brings Hifter and Bashar Al-Assad together.

Abdul-Kafi added, in a statement to Arraed, “That is why we find Hifter asking for support from Bashar al-Assad to send mercenaries from Syria from the Druze sect to fight among the ranks of Hifter militias, and this support has arrived quickly.

Abdel Kafi continued to say that the Shabiha mercenaries had previous dealings with Hifter, but he was not at this high level by sending nearly 1500 mercenaries on regular flights between Syria and Benina.

“Shabiha” and bridging the deficit

Writer and journalist Ibrahim Omar said, Hifter before was seeking to delude the world not to associate himself with the isolated internally and externally Bashar Al-Assad, he found himself having to coordinate with him publicly after the impass that he reached in his attempt to control the capital.

Omar believes, in a statement to Arraed, that neither Hifter nor al-Assad will be able to survive for long because of the crimes each of them committed against their people, and sooner or later they will be prosecuted for their crimes, and they will face Gaddafi’s fate or be tried by international criminal court.

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