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Why does Hifter insist on sending his bombs to the safe citizens?

Ten days or so ago  this March, grief and sorrow surrounded Libyan homes that lost their sons and daughters due to the indiscriminate shelling of Hifter’s militia on populated residential neighborhoods.

“Grad” shells fired by Hifter militias on civilians’ homes and property carried with them hatred and anger on homes that were safe and reassuring before the fateful “Alfatah Almubin” and the ferocious zero hour.

5 civilians were killed

These blind missiles continue to claim the lives of defenseless armless civilians ,and innocent people from any charge except the charge of staying in their homes and properties. Mohsen Muhammad and Majid Abdullah were killed , and 5 others were wounded, due to missile strikes on Arada and the Shorfat Almalaha in Souq Aljumaa.

A child was killed and 4 others from one family were injured by a shell fired by Hifter militias at their house on the Ashouk Road in Tripoli, and the citizen Mohsen al-Shabu and the citizen Bahja Hajj were also killed and 4 others were injured as a result of the shelling of Hifter militias on civilian homes in Souq Aljumaa.

The Hifter Militias targeted the homes and property of citizens with “Grad” missiles as worshipers went out for Friday prayers in the municipality of Abusleem, and the child Ayoub Khairy Alghadawi narrowly escaped from a shrapnel of the “Grad” missile that struck his bag while he was leaving the Palestine School in the Municipality of Souq Aljuma.

Material damage

The pictures circulating on social media showed the damage caused by the indiscriminate missile shells that landed on the homes and properties of the safe civilian citizens in the areas adjacent to the bombing sites, in a repeated violation of the cease-fire.

Ambulances were not spared as usual. An ambulance in front of the Maitiqa Hospital was damaged, in addition to the destruction of parts of the hospital’s Health Services Administration building.

The explosives treatment department at the National Safety Authority also continues cleansing and removing mines that threaten the lives of citizens in residential neighborhoods, during  one of the cleansing operations removed a flying missile from a citizen’s farm in the area of ​​Asabaa and an artillery shell from the house of a citizen in the Al-Qassi region.

Maitiqa airport

Once the joy of citizens returning to Maitiqa airport to work which saved the residents of the capital, Tripoli, from the hassle and hardship of traveling to Misrata Airport, which is approximately 200 km from the capital, Tripoli, Hifter militias returned to bombard the airport with their rockets, causing it to stop working.

The recent targeting of the Maitiqa airport with dozens of missiles resulted in the injury of the Buraq Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320, and their exit from service after being severely damaged, in addition to the air navigation tower, which will lead to the suspension of the airport until further notice. Hifter militias have been continuing since last April to target innocent lives, livelihoods and dreams of a safe and secure life away from war, devastation and destruction – without any feasibility or gain except more blood and body parts in a nihilistic war whose most prominent title is “I rule you or kill you”.

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