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Why do the members of Parliament rush to meet now? … Observers answer.

Following the failure of Parliament to hold any full quorum session for many years, which caused an obstruction to the optimal implementation of the Skhirat Agreement, and an increase in the division among its members following Haftar’s aggression against Tripoli in 2019.

Most of the deputies hurried to answer Morocco’s call to meet and hold a consultative session on its territory in an attempt to bring the deputies together, days before the approval of the political dialogue forum in Tunis for the expected government, a move that raised many questions among many observers.

A feeling of real threat

Writer and blogger Farag Farkash believes that there are several motives that make Parliament hasten to try to convene, the first and most important of which is their real feeling this time of the threat, and that the carpet will be pulled from under their feet, especially after the last roadmap was issued by the Tunis Dialogue Forum with its 75 members which gives them powers that go beyond the powers of the House of Representatives And the Presidential Council in the event that the two chambers fail to give confidence to the prospective government or if they fail to find a solution to the constitutional framework according to which the necessary legislation is issued for the upcoming elections.

Farkash indicated in a statement to Arraed that there are many deputies who want to go directly to the referendum on the constitution and then directly to the elections, and they do not want a transitional phase in which Aqeela Saleh will hold the position of President of the Presidential Council, in addition to their desire to change the presidency that he has acquired since 2014, but the road ahead is not easy for them because Aqeela Saleh has become an important part in the equation for some international actors, not because he is the Speaker of Parliament, but because he politically represents a geographical area represented in the historical region of Cyrenaica.

Attempt to obstruct

For his part, journalist Ali Abu Zaid believed that the timing in which the parliament is seeking to convene now raises questions about the real motives for these endeavors, and it can be said that this meeting could be a preface to an attempt to obstruct and disrupt the path sponsored by the mission through the Forum for Political Dialogue.

Abu Zaid explained in a statement to Arraed that the reason for strengthening of these motives may be that the dialogue committee will have a role that prevents the parliament from disrupting any settlement that is agreed upon, which represents a real threat to the parliament, with some of its members still looking to remain in the scene.

Important meeting

Political activist Ahmed Al-Rawyati said that having a parliament convened in the next scene is important for two reasons: the political agreement in Tunisia will give the parliament the authority to approve the government within two weeks, and also agree on a constitutional base within a period of 3 months, and therefore it is convened as a whole number without any group controlling it, makes the Tunis Agreement fully legitimate.

Al-Rawyati explained in a statement to Arraed that in addition to the monitoring role of parliament over the expected government and in general, the effect of trying to assemble the parliament in Morocco is a good attempt and is complementary to the international efforts to search for a settlement in the country

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