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Why did the Athney and Almesmari remember the Geneva Convention with the images of the captive piolt Alarofi and did not remember it with the actions of Mahmoud Al-Warfalli ?!

In a strange contradiction and double standards in dealing with humanitarian matters in wars, the parallel government issued a statement calling on the international community to guarantee the humane treatment of “Ajeqom” the pilot whose warplane was shot down by the GNA army over the sky of Azawia.

Ajegom who was the pilot of one of the MiG-23 warplanes, which bombed homes and killed children in the capital and its suburbs indiscriminately without taking into account any humanitarian and human rights conventions, his capture caused the return of the memory of the Athney and Almesmari to suddenly talk about the humane treatment of the prisoners, which Hifter’s Militants did not have since the beginning of their military aggression on Tripoli.

Start with Alkikly and the list goes on

After Hifter appeared in a video clip in which he motivated his militants to use all kinds of weapons and methods to defeat their enemy and not to bring any prisoners back and execute them on the ground, his militants did what he ordered them to do.

When they captured a Libyan army fighter, Firas Al-Kakli, after he was shot in the feet at the axis of the airport road, they mutilated his body and took photos with it while he was hanging on the front of one of their military vehicles before throwing his dead body on the road.

Al-Warfali .. An example of humanity in the ranks of Hifter

Speaking of the treatment of prisoners and the Geneva Convention, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for the so-called “Mahmoud Al-Warfali”, for war crimes.

Al-Warfalli, who is geographically closest to the Almesmari and Athney, no one from Hifter officials or the parallel government has come out denouncing his actions, but every time they rush to defend him, despite his documentation of the execution operations he carried out in the streets of Benghazi to the captured prisoners.

Treatment lessons

For its part, the Libyan GNA army forces, when capturing more than 150 Hifter militants near the city of Azawia in the beginning of April, the Presidential Council issued a statement urging the army forces to treat the prisoners and provide them with food and good treatment.

The presidential statement was not a statement to the media or a matter of pride; that became clear after that when he ordered the release of minors from the prisoners and allowing families to visit their sons in the GNA prisons, which was not reciprocated by Hifter and his militants in all the areas they seized and captured their sons.

The news of the crash of two planes and the capture of one of the pilots shocked Hifter and his followers and supporters at home and abroad, which made them rush to contradict themselves at all levels, so that they suddenly remembered the existence of international agreements prohibiting Humanitarian violations and the violation of human rights and the assault of prisoners of war.

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