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Why did Al-Sarraj give dialogue committee until end of October to agree on a new executive authority? Will the committee succeed in forming it on time?

After the dialogues and agreements that took place in the Moroccan city of Bo zniqa and the Swiss city of Montreux; For the purpose of unifying state institutions, leading to elections.

The President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, has appeared, announcing his desire to hand over his duties to a new executive authority, no later than the end of October.

Al-Sarraj called on the dialogue committee, in its capacity as responsible for selecting the new executive authority, to expedite the completion of this entitlement. To ensure the peaceful transfer of power.

But is the period set by Al-Sarraj for the dialogue committee enough to come up with a clear agreement on a new executive authority in light of the sharp divisions and foreign interference in the country, and what will happen if the dialogue committee fails to complete its obligations?

Pressed on the dialogue committee

The political writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer believed that the date set by Al-Sarraj will form pressure on the Dialogue Committee emanating from the State Council and Parliament, to speed up the agreement, indicating that Al-Sarraj’s announcement is an indication of the progress of international understandings on the formation of a new presidential council with a government separate from it.

Al-Kabeer added, in statements to Arraed Network, that Al-Sarraj is not stalling, but if the dialogue committee is unable to deliver, the international parties will call on him to refrain from resigning or postpone its implementation, according to his saying.

Al-Kabeer explained that Al-Sarraj is under pressure, which has intensified recently, especially from France.

An attempt to thwart the political track

Journalist and writer Ali Abo Zayd considered that Al-Sarraj’s surprise announcement, in the context of the relentless efforts to resume the political process, was read as his effort to thwart the political track.

Abo Zayd added, in a statement to Arraed, that Al-Sarraj setting the end of October for his resignation is meant to put pressure on the dialogue committee, threatening it with a political vacuum if it fails, and to appear as someone who is not clinging to power, which may gain him the sympathy of the street after the widespread anger, because of the corruption that ravaged his government, as he put it.

Abo Zayd explained that Al-Sarraj tried to approach the Egyptians, and was late in welcoming efforts to resume dialogue.

Trying to get rid of failure

Political analyst Faraj Dardour said that Al-Sarraj never hindered any efforts between the Supreme Council of the State and the House of Representatives in Tobruk, considering his resignation a foregone conclusion and his word “will neither advance nor delay.”

Dardour explained in a statement to Arraed network that Al-Sarraj wanted to put the ball in the Court of the Supreme Council of the state and the representatives, in order to get rid of the failure that has become evident, and to reduce the pressure on him and come out with some personal gains, according to him.

Dardour indicated that these dialogues were imposed on Al-Sarraj, and he was not stalling, because he does not have time to stall and cannot manage it.

Dardour pointed out that he does not believe that the Dialogue Committee in Morocco will come up with understandings on time. Because the parties in eastern Libya are not ready for understandings, and if an understanding is reached on general principles, they will differ on the details according to his expression.

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