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While the Libyans suffer from the hardship of living … Haftar owns millions of dollars in real estate abroad.

While, Libyans suffer hardship and poor humanitarian conditions, lack of cash and the absence of basic services such as electricity and others, especially in Haftar’s areas.

The news about the real estate and money Haftar owns in America, for example, in millions of dollars, which causes a wave of anger and criticism that floats over the surface from time to time.

Property and real estate

The American Middle East Eye website revealed that Haftar owns millions of dollars in real estate assets in the United States of America in the state of Virginia, explaining that with money he smuggled from Libya, he bought 17 properties registered in his name. Among his properties in Virginia is a house and a farm in Falls Church, and paid 8 million dollars in cash, to purchase one of the other alleged assets, and the purchase of a 5,600-square-meter home worth $ 2.5 million in Great Falls.

millions of dollars

The American New York Times said last June that the Virginia court had accepted the law suit against him by two Libyan families. Because he owns real estate in the city, he bought between 2014 and 2017 for $ 8 million.

Also, the Wall Street Journal reported last July, based on US official information on ownership, that Haftar owns in Virginia a countryside complex worth $ 185,000 and a $ 364,000 home, which makes him vulnerable to losses if sanctions are imposed on him.

Citizen complains

While things stay the same, a number of citizens in Benghazi specifically complain about the hardship of living, citizen Faisal al-Sheikhi appeared in November asking about the extravagance that appeared at Saddam Haftar’s wedding at a time when he and his brothers could not pay their debt, knowing that they are members of Haftar’s militias.

Demonstrations and protests

The city of Benghazi and a number of cities in the eastern region witnessed last September protests against the deterioration of the living situation and government corruption, amid chants rejecting corruption, the deterioration of their living conditions and the continuous power cuts. The protesters also demanded the departure of all “state bodies” that were unable to provide services and fight corruption, according to their statement.

Central bank robbery

The report of the United Nations Committee of Experts issued in 2017 revealed Saddam Haftar’s involvement in stealing government funds at the end of 2017 during an operation carried out by a group of the 106th Brigade of the army, to take control of the Central Bank of Libya branch in the city of Benghazi, and to transfer an amount of cash to an unknown destination estimated at 639 million dinars, 159 million euros and 1.9 million dollars, in addition to a large amount of silver.

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