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What should political bodies do after Haftar’s announcement of his coup?

A year after Hifter announced his sudden aggression against the capital, Tripoli, he is now renewing his coup against his former appointee in the same month.

After the failure of the zero hours and his military project in the western region – Haftar came out, declaring himself a military ruler over the areas under his control, and the abolition of all political bodies in a scene reminiscent of his appearance on Al Arabiya TV in 2014.

The Presidential Council described Hifter’s speech as a farce and a failed attempt to cover the failure of his military campaign against the capital, calling on the rest of the members of the House of Representatives to join their colleagues in Tripoli and complete the path toward a political solution that comes through the ballot box.

Finish his project

Member of the Supreme Council of the State Abdulrahman Ashater expressed his hope that the state councils, deputies and presidential councils will not face the separation project that Haftar announced tonight with expressive statements and rejection and condemnation only, indicating that his speech expresses the project of dividing Libya in practice, and his declaration as the actual ruler of the Barqa Region.

Ashater clarified, in a statement to Arraed, that this development reveals the failure of Haftar’s project to seize the capital and extend his control over all Libyan soil, and explains that he was satisfied with the rule of the Barqa region, which calls for strengthening the operation of the “Volcano of Anger” to end Haftar and his project and eliminate it completely.

Ashater pointed out that the Libyan state is facing a dangerous conspiracy to end its unified presence, warning that the measures that must be taken are strong and decisive military action to end the rebels on the legitimacy of the state and those who betray the unity of the Libyan soil.

Unifying the stance

The writer and political analyst Ali Abuzayd emphasized that all political bodies whose legitimacy is derived from the political agreement which is the framework for any political solution – unify their stance and address the international community that is adhering to this criminal coup leader to announce its refusal that Haftar be part of any political solution.

Abuzayd confirmed, in a statement to Arraed, that it has become clear that Haftar is the obstacle and the rejectionist of the political solution, and if the international community has a sincere intention to solve the crisis in Libya, it must help the Libyans to get rid of this criminal coup leader , pointing out that political bodies should adopt this speech and continue to mobilize efforts and support to liberate Libya from his militias and mercenaries.

Legal blockade

Member of the Supreme Council of the State, Adel Karmous, considered that the GNA should take legal measures and make an accusation towards war criminal Hifter for the coup against legitimacy, and issue an arrest warrant against him by the Attorney General, which is even if it is a formalty , it strengthens the legal position of the GNA internationally, and prevents Haftar’s participation in Any political process that could result in an agreement, and since he is accused and wanted by law, it will be difficult to accept him as a part of any dialogue table.

Karmous said, in a statement to Arraed, that the House of Representatives since it was being held in the city of Tobruk has surrendered its will to Haftar, and all the deputies know that for sure and the proof is the successive decisions in his favor without thought , the last of which was when he declared war on Tripoli.

Karmous pointed out that the deputies of Tobruk had no choice but to endorse the decision of the war later, in a shameful appearance that could only be accepted by those who betrayed the trust which the people had elected them for, and an increase in their humiliation Haftar decided to finally leapfrog them and resort to demanding for a popular authorization.This means that they no longer have any value for him after he made the best use of them to make his project a success in reaching power.

Ignore the decision

The writer and political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer called on the Presidential Council to completely ignore Hifter’s decision, and continue to call the elites in eastern Libya for dialogue on all national issues, and to keep the country united according to any formula agreed upon by the Libyans.

Al-Kabeer indicated, in a statement to Arraed, that parliamentarians in Tripoli can reject this step and announce clearly that the path to power is throw elections. The time of military coups is over and will not come back, and they should invite their colleagues in Barqa to reject this step.

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