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What Shalgam said about Bouzid Dorda?

Libya’s former foreign minister, in the former regime Abdelrahman Shalqam , described Abuzaid Dorda as trying to imitate Muammar Gaddafi even as if his soul had moved to his soul and his mind and taken over all his senses.

Shalgam wrote, in his book, about Dorda that this situation has become bigger until he is filled with it and it is filled with him.He sometimes wears a “khaki” suit and long military boots and behaves in a military manner, and races with the time in dealing with files and making decisions, he said.

Shalgam added that Dorda lunges into expressions and positions that as if issued from the depths of Gaddafi, and there is no difference between them except for the voice expressing those positions.

It is worth noting that the head of external security in the previous regime, Abuzaid Dorda, gave, on Sunday, a televised speech in which he supported Hifter’s aggression on Tripoli, and called on his supporters to remain under the UAE and France, who led the February plot, he said.

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