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What is the Presidential Council is waiting for to respond to the bombing of Tripoli’s facilities and civilian neighborhoods?

The GNA continues to be silent on the ongoing attacks almost daily from the Hifter militias on residential neighborhoods and people’s homes in Tripoli, as well as civilian installations, the most important of which are the Maitika airport and the Tripoli sea port.

The GNA, who did not issue a statement as usual, which reflects the confusion within the GNA regarding how to act and respond to these attacks by the Hifter militias against civilians.

Launch of a military operation

Military analyst Adel Abdulkafi said there is solution and it is unavoidable for the Libyan commander-in-chief, Fayez Asarraj, except to give orders to launch a broad and comprehensive military operation to defeat Hifter militias and mercenaries ,storming of Tarhounah, take control of Awatiyah base, and retrieve Sirte.

Abdulkafi added, in a statement to Arraed, that these steps, if taken by the GNA, will secure the back lines and cut off supplies to Hifter militias,with the completion of the military operation, up to the Aljufra base and Alwadi Alahmer, thus striking a military security siege towards the western region.

Military response

From his side, the writer Ali Abuzaid saw that the presidential response comes within the use of the GNA of its legitimate right to defend the capital and secure civilian lives.

Abuzaid added, in a statement to Arraed, that to be satisfied with denouncing or suspending participation in the security track is not beneficial, but that there is an urgent need for a limited military response to secure the capital and its civilian installations from the range of Hifter’s artillery.

Exploitation of the memorandum of understanding

Writer and journalist Ibrahim Omar asked why the Presidenial Council neglects to make the most of the Memorandum of Understanding that he signed with the state of Turkey, which he believes will not object to standing strongly against the authoritarian project of Hifter.

Omar confirmed, in a statement to the Arraed that the Presidential Council must move quickly to protect civilians residents of the capital, Tripoli, who live in terror, day and night, by launching a military operation to remove the danger away from the capital.

In light of the succession and increasing strength and number of rockets falling on civilian neighborhoods in the capital, Tripoli, and on the heads of their residents inside their homes, killing and wounding dozens, and the closure of the city’s only airport being used by civilians for movement and travel, the Presidential Council continues to be silent.

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