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What are the real reasons behind salama’s request to be relieved of his duties?

After nearly 3 years as head of the UN mission in Libya succeeding German Martin Kobler, Salama comes out, announcing his request to be excused from his duties in Libya, and he only found the Twitter platform to express his tiredness to continue his job.

For more than two years he tried to reunite the Libyans, restrain external interference, and preserve the country’s unity, but health no longer allows this pace of stress to continue, thus Salama summarizing of his career in Libya after he roamed most of the Libyan cities and the capitals of countries concerned with Libyan affairs.

However, some believe that there are other reasons for Salama to request the exemption from his duties, the most prominent of which was Hifter’s intransigence, his rejection, and his blasting of all the political solutions proposed by Salama, who he could not hide with his optimistic tone.

Salama realized his failure

Libyan writer Ali Abu Zayd considered that Salama realized his inability to pass the vision he wanted to impose on the Libyans, and his attempt to manage a multi-track dialogue did not enable him to reduce the state of congestion and give him the ability to maneuver.

Abu Zayd added, in a statement to Arraed, that Salama failed, especially after Hifter’s recent escalation, which blew up all his efforts in building a fragile basis for this dialogue, and therefore he did not find a cover to conceal failure and he even lied by claiming he acheived progress, so he had to hide behind health reasons.

Hifter’s intransigence

Egyptian political analyst interested in the Libyan affairs Alaa Farouk saw that the request to resign came after the stumbling of the steps he practiced with heavy weight and intransigent and false insistence in many times, pointing out that despite the suspension of the participation of the poles of political talks “Parliament and the State Council”, Salama held the meeting with a group of activists and members who only represent themselves despite the shelling and the collapse of the truce.

Farouk explained in a statement to Arraed that Salama’s step with the “request for exemption” came after he was sure that he was plowing at sea and no one cares for his steps, especially with an international division in the organization he belongs to and a clear defiance from Hifter to any international resolutions .He always brings out his tongue through his planes and missiles which are killing civilians and military personnel in the capital.

Excluding Opponents

Journalist and public affairs writer Faraj Farkash pointed out that 6 UN envoys of various nationalities have passed through Libya, and unfortunately the common factor is the Libyans themselves .. The failure, unfortunately, is the failure of the Libyans as a whole, especially the parties that refuse to concede, which were insisting on excluding opponents politically or militarily.

Farkash, in a statement to Arraed, held those who attacked the capital and its legitimacy the largest part of the responsibility, and the first nail in Salama’s coffin before the Ghadames Conference, but there is also a complacency and slowness from the opposite side in removing the causes and justifications of Hifter’s attack on the capital.

Farkash considered that there were opportunities that Salameh did not take advantage of in a good way, especially in the Tunisian dialogue .. But Salama fell into the trap of contradictions and international divisions, clashed with the wall of intransigence, and refusal to concede from the internal parties … and appointing another alternative would be a difficult task to fill the void that Salama would leave as being familiar with the The Libyan affairs, who spoke in Arabic, and has good contacts with several countries active in the Libyan file, and we will see, unfortunately, Libya will probably take one of the last places in the ladder of international priorities.

Limited success

The journalist and political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer pointed out that the pressures put on Salama from the countries supporting the Hifter project are significant.

Al-Kabeer showed, in a statement to Arraed, that Salama has come to realize the limitations of any success of the political track with the intransigence performed by Hifter and the lack of an effective response by the international community to his plan, which prompted him to submit his resignation.

Everyone has failed

Member of the House of Representatives Rabia Aburass considered what she described as apathetic theorists in the Libyan scene from both sides that they would be pleased with the news of Ghassan Salama’s request to be relieved of his post, and will accuse Salama of failing to manage the Libyan crisis at the “time when we were the ones who failed to stand for the higher interests of our country.” ”

Aburass added, in a statement to Arraed, that announcing the date of the political track was what brought us to these boundaries, bound by the tangled strings that burdened Salama and weakened the weak body of Libya, which is anxious for stability.

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