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“We must prepare for elections now”, says head of HNEC

The head of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Emad Al-Sayeh called on the authorities in Libya to agree to start preparations for the parliamentary and presidential elections “now.”

Al-Sayeh said in a statement to the Chinese news agency, the readiness and early processing will make them ready by the deadline set by the “parties of the conflict” in the Paris meeting to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in December.

The head of the HNEC said that the Commission believes December 10 is a very close date, warning of facing extra burdens the date approaches, if arrangements are not taken from this month to begin the preparatory process.

The head of the l Commission said there are consultations and meetings to work to secure the future electoral processes, including raising the level of security in the headquarters of HNEC, offices and electoral departments affiliated with it and to develop plans to secure the polling stations.


The High National Elections Commission headquarters was the victim of an armed attack followed by an explosion, which killed 15 people, including nine of the Commission’s staff.

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