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Warnings against the transfer of Corona’s to Libya by Hifter’s mercenaries.

Warnings of the transfer of Corona by Hifter mercenaries to Libya amid fears among fighters of Haftar of mercenaries of various nationalities ,brought from a number of countries and Religions, the seriousness of the situation in light of their presence in several regions of Libya, especially southe of Tripoli, and mixing them with Libyans in combat sites and with the people of nearby cities, which increases the depth of fears.

Increased in mercenaries

Libyan army spokesman, Brigadier Mohamed Qanunu, said that the Libyan army forces have committed to the ceasefire, which has been called for by a number of Western and Arab countries, in order to combat the spread of the Corona virus, but Hifter militias have not adhered to it.

Qanunu explained that Hifter increased the mercenaries’ presence without making any calculations, stressing that the Libyan army forces will not delay in responding forcefully and decisively to combat “Hifter’s pandemic and its militias, as he put it.

Wagner and Syrians may transfer coronavirus

The British newspaper the Financial Times , in a report it published, warned against “Wagner” and the Syrians and Janjaweed who might transfer Corona to Libya.

The newspaper’s website, which published today, Saturday, said that the Russian company “Wagner” exposes Libya to the threat of coronavirus by transporting Syrian mercenaries to fight with Hifter, on flights operated by the Wings of Cham to Benghazi.

The site stressed that the “Wagner” group sent 200 Russian mercenaries to Libya this year, and recruited 300 others out of 400 Syrians to fight in the ranks of Hifter, and that the UAE supported him with thousands of tons of weapons, explaining that Hifter lacks fighters and needs more mercenaries.

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Interior days ago, which said that Cham Wings Airlines recently transferred Syrian mercenaries and experts linked with Wagner mercenaries, Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards to Benghazi to support Hifter.

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