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Wagner mercenaries conduct exercises with live ammunition in Al-Jufra.

Military sources from the GNA revealed that the Russian “Wagner Company” mercenaries conducted live ammunition exercises during the past week in the city of Al-Jufra, in which Russian warplanes commanded by Russian pilots participated.

The sources told Al-Jazeera on Monday that the “Wagner” mercenaries are training Syrian mercenaries to fight with live ammunition, using various types of weapons.

Sources in Al-Jufra confirmed that there is massive military supplies of heavy equipment, weapons and ammunition, which arrived in the past weeks at Al-Jufra Air Base in military cargo planes, brought from Russian bases in Syria.

In a related context, the spokesman for the Sirte and Al-Jufrah Operations Room, Brigadier General Abdul Hadi DraH, said that Haftar’s militias are conducting training in Egypt on planting mines and booby-traps, under the supervision of Egyptian and Emirati officers.

It is worth noting that the “Wagner” mercenaries have established military fortifications, in more than 20 locations around Al-Jufra base, according to press reports.

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