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“Wagner” landmines hit military engineering personnel and kill civilians.

On Wednesday, Operation Volcano of Anger confirmed that Colonel Fathi Al-Sanousi Al-Hosh, affiliated with the Military Engineering Department, and several of his colleagues were wounded while they were clearing mines and explosives in the liberated neighborhoods south of Tripoli.

The operation explained , in a statement, that a number of civilians were killed while inspecting their homes in the liberated areas by mines laid by Haftar militias and Russian mercenaries, “Wagner”, before they withdrew from civilian neighborhoods.

The statement stressed that all citizens should not return to their homes in the liberated areas for whatever reasons. due to the proliferation of mines and booby traps in many homes and public roads, stressing that the military engineering and chemistry management teams headed by the General Staff are working to search and secure them.

It is worth noting that the army forces warned citizens after liberating vast areas south of Tripoli from returning to their homes; Because there were many booby traps left by Haftar militia and Wagner mercenaries before their withdrawal.

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