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Wagner deployed S-300 air defense system in Ras Lanuf.

Al-Jazeera, on Saturday, quoted private sources as saying that the Wagner mercenaries had deployed an S-300 air defense system in the vicinity of the Ras Lanuf Petrochemical Factory.

The sources confirmed, according to Al-Jazeera, that the Wagner mercenaries placed the system at a distance of 250 meters south of the factory, which they controlled during the past days, along with Syrians and Libyan militants from “Haftar’s forces.”

The sources pointed out that the Wagners are training Libyans and Syrian mercenaries on several types of weapons in technical workshops attached to the factory.

It is worth noting that the National Oil Corporation announced, on July 29, that mercenaries of various nationalities, including the Wagner, are present in the Ras Lanuf petrochemical complex, which poses a threat to workers and industrial facilities.

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