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US moves towards Libya… Did the Libyan delegation visit pay off?

Not long after the Libyan delegation visited, members of the Committee on Foreign Relations in the US Senate, adopted a draft resolution to strengthen US policy to support a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Libya, and develop a strategy to counter Russian influence.

The American position has begun to move aggressively and publicly recently towards the Libyan file. These moves reflected a clear concern about the Russian intervention in support of HIftIr and his aggression in Libya, which undermines the efforts of the GNA in the fight against terrorism.

The changes in the US position towards Libya came after the visit of Interior Minister Pashaga heading a high-level delegation, including Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala to Washington, the delegation met with officials in the US administration to clarify the reality of what is going on in Libya, and the negative interventions that have aggravated the situation, especially Russian support for Hifter.

Following Bashaga’s visit, the US State Department, in a statement published on its official website, called on Hifter to end his offensive on Tripoli to prevent foreign interference and strengthen the state’s legitimate authority. In its statement, the US State Department affirmed support for Libya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s attempts to exploit the conflict against the will of the Libyan people.

The Al-Monitor website revealed that the administration of President Donald Trump is looking forward to using paramilitary forces to stop the Russian intervention and to revive the long-lost US strategy in Libya. Congress is preparing a resolution to impose sanctions on Russian mercenaries and other human rights violators in Libya, the Middle East news site said in a report.

The report pointed out that the proposed sanctions came after reports that Russia is sending mercenaries to the front lines of the conflict to support the attack Hiftir on Tripoli.

The Senate is moving :

Members of the Democratic and Republican parties, during a Senate session, introduced legislation to support a peaceful resolution of the Libyan conflict and impose sanctions on individuals fueling violence in the country, and provide humanitarian assistance to support the Libyan people and the eventually unified Libyan government.

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