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US anti-terror team airplane lands at Misurata base

The USAF plane belonging to the American team cooperating with the Presidential Council in the fight against terrorism landed at Misurata Air Base on Saturday.

The plane returned to Libya after an absence of three months; because of the departure of the American team immediately after Hafter forces started their aggression on Tripoli, in reference to the continued recognition by the US government of the legitimate authority of the Presidential Council, and the return of coordination between the parties to fight terrorism.

The sources told ARRAED earlier that the US team, which left the country three months ago, told the president that he will return to work from Misurata and Tripoli; to continue cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

US officials have made clear in several statements that Washington’s only counter-terrorism partner in Libya is the reconciliation government.

The American team’s return to Misurata comes in tandem with the news that France, the UAE and Egypt have decided to support Hafter in a new aggression on Tripoli.

In 2015-2016, the US team cooperated with the Al-Wefaq government and Al-bnyan Al-Marsos Forces in the war on Islamic state terrorist organization in Sirte.

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