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United States Mission of the Security Council: Palermo Conference is “a Crucial Opportunity”

US Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Jonathan Cohen described the international conference on Libya scheduled for Tuesday in Palermo as “a decisive opportunity” for the Libyan leaders to break the political paralysis of the country.

In his statement to the Security Council on Thursday, Cohen called on all parties in Libya to seize this crucial opportunity to pave the way for a better future for their citizens, stressing that those who threaten Libya’s peace, security, and stability, must be held accountable.

Cohen said that the United States stands ready to provide support to facilitate the political process in Libya, assuring his country’s support for the UN envoy’s vision in Libya on building the basis for a comprehensive constitutional process and holding credible elections.

Cohen called on Al-Wefaq National Government to redouble its efforts to move forward with comprehensive monetary and financial reforms, adding that UN efforts to expedite the audit of the Central Bank of Libya are an important step towards increasing transparency in Libyan economic institutions.

The US deputy representative to the Security Council pointed out that the United States stands ready to support the Libyans in discussing the economic challenges at the request of Libya in close partnership with the United Nations Mission in Libya.

The United States has confirmed the dispatch of high-level representatives to attend the Palermo conference on Libya on 12-13 November.

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