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United Nations: We document all breaches of the ceasefire agreement.

The Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for Political Affairs, “Rose Marie Dicarlo”, confirmed on Tuesday that they are following and documenting the violations of the ceasefire and the impact of these violations on the Berlin’s outputs and exacerbating the crisis.

“Dicarlo”, during her meeting with Libya’s representative to the United Nations, Al-Taher Al-Sunni, expressed her hope that the military dialogue would be launched through the 5 + 5 committee to reach a permanent ceasefire and allow the success of any upcoming political track according to the official page of the Libyan mission.

 For his part, the delegate of Libya stressed that breaches of the armistice make participation in any future dialogue subject to review. Stressing the necessity of identifying and naming those responsible for these violations in the international statements, expressing the government’s dissatisfaction with the continuous violations of the truce, the most recent of which was the bombing of the Maitiga International Airport and the attack on the Abograin area.

It is worth noting that the Presidential Council confirmed, Monday, that it will be obliged to reconsider participation in any dialogue because of the continuous violation of the truce by Hifter’s militias.

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