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United Nations reports are evidence of the extent of external interference in Libya and the disclosure of the aggressor.

All UN reports always shame the Haftar militias, and reveal the volume of external interference in the country,these reports confirm these militia’s continued violation of the arms embargo imposed on Libya, by receiving weapons from the UAE, and other countries supporting the aggression against Tripoli,

Also, the foreign mercenaries such as the Russian “Wagner”, the Syrians and the Janjaweed, and the Chadian opposition party, in addition to the deliberate killing of civilians,with random shelling on the densely populated residential neighborhoods, and to damage the infrastructure such as airports and ports.

Violating the arms embargo

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres confirmed in a report to the Security Council that the Haftar militias are still bringing in foreign mercenaries, and are still receiving support with weapons and military equipment.
Guterres expressed concern about the continued violation of the arms embargo imposed on Libya by the Security Council, and called on member states not to sell or supply weapons to Libya.

Targeting civilians and infrastructure

He added that the military operations carried out by Haftar in the west of the country exacerbated the security vacuum in the southern region, and confirmed that Haftar’s militias are still targeting the infrastructure in Tripoli. They bombed the Tripoli sea port on February 29th, and fired more than 50 indiscriminate rockets at the Maitiqa International Airport on February 28, further more the United Nations has documented at least 64 civilian deaths, from January 1 to the end of March, as a result of the indiscriminate shelling of these militias attacking Tripoli.

The flow of mercenaries

The UN Panel of Experts made it clear, through a document handed over to the UN Security Council on April 24, that Haftar militias used foreign mercenaries like “Wagner”, the first time the United Nations mentioned Wagner mercenaries by name, as they numbered 1,200 according to “AFP” ”

The document indicated that Russian “Wagner mercenaries” and Syrian fighters came from Damascus to support Haftar, indicating that they had monitored the presence of special military personnel from Wagner since October 2018, and also documented the presence of other military personnel from a group called “Russkiyi System Bizopenosti RSB” specialized in maintenance and repair of military aircrafts.

In addition to all this, the number of Janjawid mercenaries and the Chadian opposition present with Haftar reached nearly 5,000 mercenaries, according to reports, brought with Emirati support and funds at the same time that Haftar accused the GNA with treachery for signing a legal agreement in front the world with Turkey guaranteeing Libya’s maritime rights. And provide the necessary support to repel the aggression launched by Haftar, with the support of the UAE, Egypt, Russia and France, against Tripoli.

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