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UNHCR assisted more than 600 thousand refugees in 2018

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Libya said on Monday, it had responded to more than 600,000 refugees in Libya in 2018.

More than 51,000 are seeking asylum, according to a UNHCR’s infographic, noting that the number of internally displaced people in Libya exceeds 184,000, and that more than 368 displaced people have returned home.

UNHCR said it provided more than 11,000 medical consultations and food assistance to more than 15,000 displaced people and refugees, noting that more than 2,000 displaced families and refugees received cash assistance.

The international organization has released 983 refugees and asylum seekers and has provided solutions to more than 1,000 of them, noting that UNHCR’s funding requirements are estimated at $ 85 million.


The UNHCR revealed last week that 100,000 million Libyans, refugees and families affected by armed clashes inside Libya needed humanitarian assistance.

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