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Under Haftar’s grip … fuel shortages, corruption and poor living conditions are the case in the Eastern Region.

The entire eastern region is still experiencing a state of mass congestion, because of the rampant repression and corruption, and the use of influence from Haftar’s militias, which carried out all criminal actions against the citizen, including the seizure of private and public property, control of all service institutions and the closure of the source of sustenance for Libyans represented in the ports and oil fields.

Benghazi uprising

The streets and squares of the city of Benghazi are witnessing the renewed uprising against the deterioration of living conditions after Haftar’s militias controlled the movement of fuel by selling and smuggling it as they wish, as private sources confirmed to Arraed network that Haftar’s militias take out the fuel tank of gasoline from the Ras Al-Munqar warehouse, at a cost of 7500 LD, and it is sold in the south for 100,000 LD and more, and the diesel tank is sold for 200 thousand LD or more according to agreement, and that these quantities arrive in turn to the south with the protection of cars which has stickers showing that it is the security services of Haftar’s militias.

The commander of the so-called Al-Karama operations room Saqr Al-Jaroushi issued instructions, after this uprising, to withdraw all the previously assigned security services, and to keep the Petroleum Facilities Guard, and the Internal Security Office only inside the Ras Al-Munqar warehouse of the Brega Oil and Gas Marketing Company, which is specialized in fuel and gas distribution.

Close the oil ports

The closure of oil fields and ports by Haftar’s militia since last January cost the state financial losses estimated at 10 billion US dollars, causing the high cost of living throughout the country, and the shortage of fuel, and basic materials produced for power plants, which led to the collapse of all power stations, and the entry of all Libyan cities In a state of complete darkness.

Haftar’s closure of the ports caused a suffocating fuel crisis in the region, with citizens queuing up in front of petrol stations to supply their vehicles.

Land grabbing

After the state of bankruptcy in the eastern region as a result of controlling it militarily, Haftar’s militias began to finance themselves from the livelihood of the people by seizing their private property from homes, lands and yards belonging to the state. In order to invest and divide it between them in front of all the monitoring institutions and security agencies affiliated with the parallel government.

The most famous lands seized by the militias in Benghazi: the public park in the Al-Rahba area, a piece of land in Shebna, a number of residential lands in the Qawarsha project area, and a piece of land dedicated to a children’s park in the Al-Salam neighborhood, not to mention the vast lands that belong to a number of tribes that announced in their statements Its total rejection of the forcible dispossession of their lands by Haftar’s militias, such as the “Awaqir” tribe, for example.

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