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UN mission: About 700 casualties since the start of the aggression against Tripoli.

The Libyan mission in Libya confirmed, on Saturday, that there were at least 685 civilian casualties, including 356 dead and 329 wounded, since Haftar launched his aggression against Tripoli until the 31st of March.

In a statement issued on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the aggression, the mission added that the war had damaged and destroyed homes, hospitals, schools and detention facilities, and that human rights violations had increased steadily with attacks against human rights defenders, journalists, doctors, lawyers, judges, migrants and refugees, accompanied by deteriorating conditions of detention.

The mission indicated that, over the past year, reports of hundreds of cases of enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention, torture, extrajudicial execution and incitement to violence by armed groups in towns and cities throughout Libya have increased, and all of these acts go unpunished.

The mission explained that the war had inflicted heavy losses on the already faltering economy, noting that Libya had become burdened with more than 100 billion Libyan dinars of debts locally, an additional billion dollars in the credit limits for importing local fuel, and 169 billion Libyan dinars in contractual obligations dues, according to the mission statement .

Haftar announced, on the 4th of last April, his aggression against Tripoli, just days before the inclusive national conference in Ghadames, under the auspices of the United Nations.

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