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UK in contact with Security Council regarding oil crescent

British Ambassador to Libya, Frank Baker described on Wednesday the clashes in the oil crescent area as “terrorist”, stressing that his country will deal with it in a “serious” manner.

In a meeting with the chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanallah, Baker said Britain is “strongly opposed” to what is happening in the crescent region and was in constant contact with their international partners and the Security Council to discuss possible measures collectively to help Libya.

The British ambassador said that his country has options with the Security Council, stressing that they are dealing with this matter seriously because the issues of terrorism are dealt with by the Security Council.

Britain’s relationship with Libya and with the Oil Corporation in particular has a long history, politically and economically, according to the ambassador.

The oil crescent area was attacked by Ibrahim Al-Jidran Forces, which led to clashes with Haftar Forces that resulted in the loss of facilities and the destruction of oil reservoirs.


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