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Two Italians and One Canadian Released by Kidnappers

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


Two Italians and a Canadian arrived in Italy Sunday morning after being abducted for nearly two months in Libya, according to the Italian government.

The two Italians are Danilo Calonego and Bruno Cacace, and the Canadian is Frank Poccia.

A Canadian news outlet reported that Poccia is doing well physically since his release but it is unclear when he will return to Canada.

The three men had been employed by an Italian company to do maintenance work at an airport in Ghat, a town in south-western Libya, where they were kidnapped.

The kidnappers did not make any public claims for ransom. However, it took a collaborative effort from the Italian foreign ministry and Libyan officials, but no details about the collaboration was shared.

The Libyan government controls Ghat but criminal groups and armed militia roam the south-western region in Libya making it is hard to tell which areas are secure.

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