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Two fuel truck drivers kidnapped near Brak Al-Shatii

The head of fuel delivery operations room in the southern region of Milad Al-Hajrsi said on Saturday that an armed group and fuel smugglers kidnapped the drivers of two fuel trucks in Aqar area, near Brak Al-Shatii.

Al-Hajrsi told ArraedLG, the fate of the drivers is still unknown for now, adding that the head of Sabha oil depot, Abdul Al-Qadir Mai was attacked by armed groups and smuggling gangs, who stole his personal belongings.

Al-Hajrsi stressed that the room is “determined” to deliver fuel to the cities of Qatron, Ghat, Tigrehi and all the cities of the southern region, noting that there are other trucks that recently joined the convoy transporting fuel to the south.


The convoy of fifteen fuel trucks, that started the journey on Thursday, to the southern region faced several obstacles, but succeeded in emptying its cargo at gas stations in Sabha and Brak Al-Shatii.

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