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Twitter and Facebook are taking measures on the publications of US presidential candidates very seriously.

Facebook and Twitter have taken strict measures on the publications of US presidential candidates on the eve of the ongoing elections until this moment.

And the site “Facebook” signaled on a post by US President “Donald Trump”, that he may be misleading in the context of very competitive elections during the declaration of himself winner of the elections before the end of the counting of votes, according to France Presse Agency.

On Tuesday, Twitter blocked Trump’s tweet in which he wrote, “We are far ahead, but they are trying to steal the elections. We will never let them do that. Voting cards cannot be deposited after the polls end.”

The media office of the California-based group announced, “As soon as President Donald Trump announced the victory early, we made reports on Facebook and Instagram indicating that the vote count is still ongoing, and that no winner has yet been announced.”

These measures are part of the measures announced by Facebook and Twitter to take in such cases.

Trump delivered a brief speech today (Wednesday), while the counting of votes was continuing, in which he condemned “fraud”, declaring “we won the elections,” and demanding “to stop all voting.”

Social media has taken an unprecedented set of measures. To ensure the integrity of the elections, and to restore their reputation after the 2016 elections witnessed widespread interference by foreign parties to influence the results of the polls, especially through pages and groups on social media.

And ban “Facebook” political ads, and social or electoral topics in the United States from Wednesday, and probably for a week; In order to “reduce the risk of confusion or abuse.”

However, these precautions did not convince a large part of the civil society, which considered the efforts insufficient, especially in terms of combating media disinformation.

In this context, a fabricated and segmented video shows “Joe Biden” as if he says: The administration of former President Barack Obama established a massive system of electoral fraud, which gathered about 17 million views on various sites, according to the “Avaaz” non-governmental organization.

The organization warned, in a statement, Tuesday, “It is a major warning signal that reveals that the platforms are not ready yet.”

It also denounced many rumors spread by the right claiming that “the left is preparing for a coup in the event of Trump’s re-election,” and that “fraud and interventions at the national level” will take place. Avaaz campaign manager Fadi Koran said, “The disinformation is dividing the American people.”

“Kayla Gujarati” of the non-governmental organization “Media Matters” said in a report published, Tuesday evening, that “messages telling people to go to vote without masks are spread on Facebook groups, and one of the users went so far as to suggest that not wearing masks It will keep the liberals from the polls. ”

Another organization, “Election Integrity Partnership,” revealed that a search for the major US states pointed to a network on “YouTube” that displayed a false number of votes directly, and the site deliberately blocked the video.

Source: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Newspaper

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