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Turkey: The international community must take steps towards Hifter’s violations.

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Qalan said, “The international community should see how Haftar, who has no legitimacy, violates the ceasefire agreement, and they should take steps toward him accordingly.”

In an interview with CNN, he said the international community should meet to end the violence in Libya, citing the breach of the Hifter militias of the ceasefire agreement “over and over”, and holding them responsible for the violence in the country.

A spokesman for the Turkish presidency pointed the finger of accusation at France, Egypt and others that he did not mention, of fueling the violence in Libya, by providing Hifter militias with “all types of weapons” and bringing in mercenaries from Sudan and Chad, noting that France is trying to blame Turkey for the crisis in Libya.

Qalin said that it was Turkey’s support for the reconciliation government that achieved the balance in the situation by adopting the ceasefire, noting that Ankara had made the terms of the ceasefire possible.

It is worth noting that the commander of the American forces in Europe, General “Todd Walters”, praised, on Wednesday, the role of Turkey in the Middle East, describing it as important in countering Russian influence in Libya.

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