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Turkey: Hifter’s attack on the port of Tripoli was a failure and we returned fire with ferocity.

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Qalan described the attack by Hifter militias on the port of Tripoli as a “failure”, stressing that we returned fire.

He said in a press conference held on Tuesday, that the Hifter militias continues to violate and sabotage the road map proposed by the United Nations in Libya, and to disable the oil fields and harm the Libyan economy, wondering about the silence of the international community regarding this arrogance, despite all international resolutions,Hifter continues to receive military aid.

On the decision of the European Union to monitor the arms embargo to Libya, he explained, that this matter should be done under the roof of the United Nations, and in consultation and cooperation with the government of reconciliation, and the areas from which arms and gunmen enter Libya should be identified.

The spokesman for the Turkish presidency called for controlling the eastern and southern border areas in Libya, stressing that the areas from which arms, military support, ships and planes loaded with weapons, come, are known to all.

It is worth noting that the Hifter militias targeted Tuesday the sea port of Tripoli, killing 3 citizens and wounding 5 others, and led to the evacuation of oil tankers from the port.

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