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Turkey: Haftar is no longer trustworthy in Europe and America.

On Sunday, Turkish presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Qalan said that Haftar is no longer trusted by European countries and the United States; However, although they don’t not publicly disclose this to public opinion.

“Qalan said”, in a television interview published by the Turkish “Anatolia” news agency, that Turkey is present in Libya according to official agreements and according to legal frameworks, stressing that it does not give in to the Haftar coup nor to others.

“Qalan said” that his country is making efforts to get the Libyan people out of the chaos they have been in for ten years, and to push the political process to end the instability in the country.

It is worth noting that the Turkish Foreign Ministry threatened, on Friday, Haftar militias that they will be legitimate targets after Haftar’s threat to target Turkish interests in Libya.

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