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Turkey denounces Macron’s statements about Libya.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman, “Hami Aksoy”, said that French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement that Turkey’s support for the reconciliation government, the legitimate government in Libya, is a “dangerous game” – something that can only be described as an “eclipse of reason.”

“Aksoy” added, according to the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s official website, that “if Macron searches his memory and uses his right mind, he will remember that the problems that Libya is experiencing are the result of the attacks of Haftar who is supported by them, Haftar refused to sign the cease-fire agreements in Moscow and in Berlin, stressing that it is necessary for France to bear a great responsibility for dragging Libya into chaos by supporting illegal entities for years; Therefore, it is they who play a “dangerous game” in Libya.

And Aksoy pointed out that the Libyan people will never forget the damage caused by France in Libya in line with its selfish interests and the goals of those cooperating with it, calling on France to adopt a principled approach to investigate the war crimes committed by the “coup militias and mercenaries of the coup leader ” pirate Haftar” against innocent civilians, especially The mass graves that were discovered in Tarhuna, adding that France’s silence on Egypt, which supports Haftar and threatens Libya with military intervention, is “something that draws attention.”

It is worth noting that the French President “Emmanuel Macron” described, in a press conference with his Tunisian counterpart, “Qais Asaeed,” Turkey’s support for the government of reconciliation and the Libyan people as “a dangerous game.”

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