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Turkey continues training 1,300 Libyan army personnel in 18 different programs.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has completed training 1,300 members of the Libyan army in 18 different programs, while 1,100 others are still receiving training in centers inside Libya.

Anadolu Agency announced on Tuesday that the Turkish Armed Forces aims, through the training, to raise the level of Libyan army personnel. They reach international standards in many areas, including the fight against terrorism.

The agency added that 1,000 Libyan soldiers, who were trained in the training centers and schools of the Turkish land, sea and air forces, have returned home and began practicing their duties, while about 200 individuals are currently continuing training in various fields in Turkey.

The agency said that Turkey provides support to Libya in the fields of education, health, humanitarian aid, military consultations, demining, and many of the equipment it needs, which contributes to the reorganization of the army.

The agency stated that a part of the students who dropped out of their studies at the military college that was bombed by Haftar continue to complete their education in the Turkish military academies.

It is worth noting that the Turkish and Libyan sides signed, on November 27, 2019, two memoranda of understanding related to security and military cooperation, and to define areas of maritime jurisdiction, with the aim of protecting the rights of the two countries according to the international law.

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