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Tunisia’s authorities seizes Russian ship loaded with weapons

The Tunisian Defense Ministry spokesperson, Belhassen Al-Waslati said on Thursday, authorities have seized a Russian ship loaded with arms in Tunisian territorial waters.

Al-Waslati told ArraedLG, the seized ship first destination was Benghazi, then Tripoli after which it entered the Tunisian territorial waters, pointing out that it sailed from Russia and was supplied with fuel in both Turkey and Italy.

According to Al-Waslati, the preliminary investigation with the crew of the ship showed they were lying about the destination of the ship being Cameroon, explaining that the Cameroon line is Gibraltar, not the Tunisia-Libya line, adding that the crew is still under investigation by the Tunisian authorities.

The Ministry of Defense spokesperson revealed that the ship, which was detained four days ago, was carrying equipment for a “full military camp“ of ammunition, cars and armored vehicles.


Last Monday, the Tunisian authorities detained a Russian ship in the Tunisian territorial waters, carrying weapons and ammunition and military equipment.


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