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Tunisian efforts for a major contribution to the reconstruction of Libya.

The head of the Supreme Council for Tunisian and Libyan Businessmen, Abdel Hafiz Al-Sakraafi, said that Tunisia is seeking to obtain a major contribution in the reconstruction of Libya, estimated at $ 10 billion in the coming years.

Al-Sakraafi added, in a statement to the Al-Araby Al-Jadeed website, on Friday, that the road map for restoring economic activity between the two countries is almost ready. The procedures for concluding deals and processing work contracts will be initiated for those wishing to work in Libya.

Al-Sakraafi stated that the Libyan market is ready to provide 300,000 job opportunities for Tunisians in various specialties, pointing out that there is a desire from Tunisia to obtain a large contribution in the reconstruction of Libya despite the fierce competition by international companies, indicating that Tunisia may resort to contracts with French and Italian companies; Because of the weak potential.

It is worth noting that the Libyan-Tunisian Economic Conference will be held on the 6th of next March, with a trade conference, a health and tourism conference, in the city of Ben Guerdane, which borders Libya.

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