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Tripoli Deputies reject agreements that may return Haftar to the political scene.

The House of Representatives in Tripoli announced its rejection of any unilateral agreement outside of legitimacy that might give the opportunity for the return of the leader of the aggression against Tripoli, Khalifa Haftar, to the political scene.

The Deputies condemned – in a statement – Sunday, all individual attempts that go beyond it and take place without reference to it, holding those responsible for these attempts, stressing its rejection of all individual and collective attempts to transfer the Libyan issue outside the umbrella of the United Nations.

The deputies emphasized that any decision affecting the Libyan wealth, the only source of sustenance for the Libyan people, must be in the hands of the legitimate authorities and not others, holding the Presidential Council fully responsible for taking the necessary measures regarding these agreements.

The statement called on all parties and the active forces in Libya, to the necessity of expediting the agreement on an inclusive national project in coordination with the United Nations mission that leads to presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible, and at a specific date in accordance with the country’s permanent constitution.

It is worth noting that the deputy in the Presidency Council, Ahmed Maitiq, announced, last Friday, the agreement with Haftar to re-produce and export oil and a number of conditions and understandings, including work to pay off the debts owed by Haftar in the east.

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