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Those wanted locally and internationally from Haftar’s militia … outside the scope of accountability, How will the new government deal with them?

Although Haftar’s militia committed several different crimes against citizens, including killing, enforced disappearance and kidnapping in the eastern and western regions during their aggression that has lasted for more than a year since its launch in April 2019, we have not witnessed any arrest against them.

The International Criminal Court, along with the Public Prosecutor, issued arrest warrants against a number of them; Because there is evidence that they are convicted of several war crimes, however, the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Abdul Hamid Dbaiba, indicated the necessity of dissolving these militias and integrating them into security or functional work force in ministries and public companies without reference to holding them accountable.

The American ambassador to Libya, “Richard Norland,” said Tuesday that the United States stands with the Libyan people and will continue to use the tools and powers available to seek accountability for all human rights violators, especially the perpetrators of arbitrary killings.

Integration of militias

Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbaiba confirmed that there are talks to unify the army, with the need to dissolve the militias and merge them into security forces or functional work force in the ministries and public companies in the state.

Dbaiba said, on Tuesday, during a statement to the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, that the issue of establishing a single Libyan army is a big issue.

General idea

Journalist Ali AbO Zaid said in a statement to Arraed that Dbaiba’s statements represent a general idea and there are no clear mechanisms to implement them yet, especially since there are matters that need to be resolved and addressed before the militias are disbanded, chief among them the implementation of the ceasefire agreement, the removal of mercenaries and the unification of the leadership of the military institution.

Abo Zaid indicated that the policy of evading a clear position on the armed entity led by Haftar will make the government fail in efforts to reform this aspect, and it will be like treating the wound, while inflamed and swollen.

Dabaiba project

The journalist, Abdulaziz Al-Ghanai said in a statement to Arraed that if the Dbaiba project in the western region was behind a strong ally or godfather like the United States, then Haftar’s militias and mercenaries will deal with the matter completely without showing official and public opposition, but in privacte that the loyalty of these militias remains to the sons of Haftar. .

Haftar has no justification for his existence except because he has deluded some to be the defender of their rights and their land, and he has no power except for foreign support, and a fighting force that has greatly decreased even the mercenary soldiers. Inevitably, he loses if this project is implemented at a high rate, pointing out that Haftar will seek to legitimize the brigades of his sons, at least, or to seize high security positions in the country for them to continue the presence of fighters around him.

Haftar continued to support his militia, which consist of his sons, as leaders on them by granting them military ranks, and the decision to control all private and public capabilities, which would enable them to continue and control … Is this the army Dbaiba is seeking?

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