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The work return gradually in the port of Beirut after the explosion.

On Wednesday, Beirut Port began gradually working to secure goods for the local markets, after it was hit by a massive explosion, which caused huge damage to the port and tens of dead and thousands of wounded.

In the same context, the Lebanese Minister of Economy, “Raoul Naima,” said that there are 12 cranes operating at the port out of 16, and that they are now working to unload the ships and for the merchants to take their goods.

Naima added that the available wheat stocks suffice the local market’s needs for a period of 4 months, and that the flour stock is 32,000 tons to 110,000 tons, which will arrive in succession within two weeks.

And the Lebanese Economy Minister, “Raoul Naima,” said last Thursday that the losses of the Beirut port amounted to billions of dollars, stressing that Lebanon does not have the financial capacity to face its repercussions.

It is worth Noting that the port of Beirut was subjected to a huge explosion on August 4, which left more than 171 dead, more than 6 thousand wounded, and many missing.

Source: Agencies

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