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The Washington Post: Wagner booby traps a “fatal legacy” in Tripoli homes.

The Washington Post said Sunday that the Russian “Wagner” mercenaries left behind booby trapped homes, gardens, and explosives designed to explode at a touch everywhere, after they fled south of the capital, Tripoli, last June.

The newspaper added that Wagner planted explosives inside toilets, children’s dolls, doors and even in empty soft drinks cans, and Libyan mine-clearance teams roam various streets of the capital to rid them of this deadly legacy, pointing out that the most dangerous and deadly weapons ever are Russian-made weapons.

In the same context, the newspaper quoted the head of the “Free Fields” Foundation, Rabae Al-Jawashi, that the mercenaries of the Wagner studied the details of our lives and how our children play.

For his part, Director of Operations at the Foundation, Moaz Al-Arabi, stated that among all the conflicts that Libya has witnessed since 2011, this was the worst conflict. It is because of it that we discovered many new weapons, all brought from abroad.

It is worth noting that the American General Command, “AFRICOM”, announced in July 2020 that it had evidence of the involvement of “Wagner” mercenaries in planting booby traps and random minefields on the outskirts of Tripoli and Sirte.

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